This game user privacy very seriously, so this worked out how to cover the collection, use, disclosure, sharing, and storing user information "Privacy Policy." When users use our service, we may collect and use information about you. We want to show you through this "Privacy Policy" in the use of our services, how we collect, use, store and share information, and we provide you access, update, and control the way information is protected. This "Privacy Policy" applies to user interactions with this game and this game user registration and use of services, we recommend that you carefully read this policy to help you understand ways to protect their privacy. In order for you to fully understand the contents of this policy, the terms of the presence or potential presence of a significant relationship with your interest in this policy, we have adopted are labeled in bold prompts you to pay attention.

you use or continue to use our services, you agree to us in accordance with this "Privacy Policy" collection, use, storage and Share your information.

If you have any questions about this "Privacy Policy" or related issues, please leave a message.

information we may collect

we provide services, may collect, store and use the following information about you. If you do not provide relevant information, we may not be able to register as users or access to certain services we provide, or can not meet the relevant services intended to achieve.

< span class = "c0"> The information you provide

When you register an account or use our services, provided to us personal information, such as phone numbers, proof of identity, such as e-mail;

If you use our service requires users Link a bank account or other payment instruments account can only realize when you provide your bank account information, account information or other payment instrument to us;

share information you provide to others through our services, and information when you use our service stored.

other parties sharing your information

provided by other parties to share information about your use of our services.

We get your information

when you use the service, we may collect the following information:

log information, refer to technical information when you use our service, you may be automatically collected through cookies, web beacon, or other means, including: < / span>

o equipment or software information, such as your mobile device, web browser or other programs for access to our services provided configuration information, your IP address and mobile equipment used version and device identification code;

o search when using our service information or visit, such as web search you use words, social media page url address to access, and your use of other information and content details visit our services, or required to provide;

o information about you ever use mobile applications (APP) and other software, as well as the information you have to use such mobile applications and software;

o you through our information and communication services, such as account had communication, and communication time, data Long;

o information (metadata) that you share through our services included, such as shooting or upload share date, time or place such as photos or videos.

location information, refer you turn on the device positioning function and use information about your location-based related services provided location we collected, including:

comprising o you or other user-supplied geographic location of your real-time information, such as account information you provided contains information in your area, you or someone else to show your current upload or share information once geographical location, geotagging information you or others shared a photograph contained;

o You can turn off targeting, stop collecting your location information.

How do we use your information

we may use the information collected in the course of providing services to you used for the following purposes:

o when you use our services via a mobile device with positioning capabilities, such as collected by GPS or WiFi mode your location information;

To provide you with services;

When we provide services for authentication, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup purposes, to ensure the safety of the products and services we provide to you;

help us design new services, improve our cash there are services;

so that we know more about how you can access and use our services, thus targeted to respond to your personalized needs such help service and indicate the language and location settings, personalized, or respond to other aspects of you and other users;

provide advertising more relevant to you to you to replace the ad generally served;

evaluate our service advertising and the effect of other promotional and marketing activities, and make improvements;

software certification or manage software upgrades; < / p>

allows you to participate in relevant Investigate products and services. < / Span>

To give you a better experience, improve our services, or other purposes with your consent, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations next, we may pass information to a particular service collected, in order to bring together information or personal way, for our other services. For example, information collected when you use one of our services, could be used to provide you with specific content in another service, or to show you related to your non-universal push information. If we provide the appropriate options related services, you can also authorize us to provide this information and storage service for our other services.

How do you access and control their personal information

< span class = "c0"> we will try to take appropriate technical means to ensure that you can access, update and correct other personal information provided during their registration information or to use our services. At the time of access, update, correct and delete the previous information, we may ask you to authenticate to ensure account security.

How do we share your information

except in the following circumstances, without your consent, we and our affiliates will not share your personal information with any third party:

We and our affiliates may use your personal information with our affiliates, partners and third-party service providers, contractors and agents (such as e-mail sent on our behalf or push notifications communications service provider to provide location data to our map service provider) Share (they may not be located in the jurisdiction you are in), used for the following purposes:

o provide you with our services;

o implement & ldquo; how we might use the information & rdquo; the part of the purpose of ;

o obligations other agreements we have with you to achieve in this "Privacy policy" or in this game and exercise our rights;.

o appreciated that maintain and improve our service

If we or our affiliates to share your personal information with any of these third parties, we will work to ensure that such third parties to agree on the use of your personal information "Privacy Policy" and our compliance with the requirements of other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

With the continued development of our business, we and our affiliates have a possible merger, acquisition, transfer of assets or a similar transaction, your personal information may be used as part of such transactions are transferred. We will notify you prior to transfer.

we or our affiliates may also be reserved for the following needs, preservation or disclosure of your personal information:

o you authorize or agree to the game disclosure;

o comply with applicable laws and regulations;

o comply with a court order or other legal process;

o comply with the requirements of relevant government authorities;

o to comply with applicable laws and regulations, protect the public interest or the protection of our customers, we or our group companies, life and property safety of other users or employees or legitimate interests in reasonably necessary purpose;

o According to the terms of service for each game and a statement of the relevant provisions of this game or other circumstances it deems necessary.

& nbsp;

information security

we only keep you within the time period and the laws and regulations of the purpose of this "Privacy policy" essential requirements personal information.

We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent information loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure or reading. For example, certain services, we will use encryption techniques (eg SSL) to protect the personal information you provide. But please understand that due to technical limitations and malicious means possible, even if we already try to strengthen security measures to ensure the security of information can not always one hundred percent. You need to understand that you access our systems and communications networks used by the service, it may be due to factors outside the controllable range and our problems.

& nbsp;

you share information

many of our services, not only allows you to network with your game, but also openly share information about you with all users of the service, for example, you upload or in our service information dissemination (including your personal information public, you create a list), you upload or publish the information to respond to others, as well as the location of these data include information on and log information. Use our service to other users also may share information about you (including location data and log information). In particular, our social media services, is designed to allow you to share information with users around the world and design, you can share information in real time, wide pass. As long as you do not delete the shared information, the information will always remain in the public domain; even if you delete the shared information, the information may still be copied or stored by other users or third parties independently cache beyond our control, or by other users or such escrow in the public domain.

So, please carefully consider our service to upload, publish and exchange of information content. In some cases, you can control the scope of the right to browser user share information through your privacy settings some of our services. As required to remove your information from our services, proceed by way of such special terms of service provided.

this game the user can choose whether to disclose the information. Some of the information is necessary for our services registered, but most of the other information provided is determined by the user. This game will depend on user comfort and to choose as the first.

This game provides users with countless interactive online activities, for the convenience of users to participate in interactive activities and get the interactive prizes, the game usually require applicants outside the contact information (address and telephone), but also to fill out a form based on their personal interests . Such information is used to present a game which the user data accumulated. If you do not want to provide information and participate in such activities as required, it is entirely at the discretion of the user.

& nbsp;

For information about updating the public special Note

this game encourage users to update and modify their personal information in order to make it effective. This game user can easily obtain and modify their personal information at any time. The user can decide to modify, delete their relevant information.

Keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information (such as in message boards, chat areas or announced via e-mail ), such information may be collected and the use of others, thus creating your personal information leakage, this game is not liable if your personal information will be posted on the above channels, you are likely to result in disclosure of personal information. Therefore, we advise and ask you to consider carefully whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in the above-mentioned channels.

& nbsp;

you share sensitive personal information

because of the special nature of certain personal information may be considered sensitive personal information, such as your income, savings, securities, commercial insurance, real estate and tax information amounts of information. Please note that you provide in our services, uploaded or posted content and information may reveal your sensitive personal information. You need to carefully consider whether to disclose your sensitive personal information when using our services. You agree that by purpose and means of the "Privacy Policy" to the processing of your sensitive personal information.

We hereby certify that does not collect and remember who you are. For example: cookies and web beacon will help us identify you as a registered user of our identity, or save your preferences and other information about you provide to us; how we may collect information about us or our third-party partners, may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacon, and such information is stored.

We use own cookies and web beacon, aims to provide you with a more personalized user experience and service, and for the following uses:

save your information below: religious beliefs, genes, fingerprints, blood type, disease and medical history information.

analyze your use of our services, for example, we may use cookies and web beacon to understand your use of our services what activities, or which pages or services you are most welcome;.

ad optimization and web beacon .Cookies your information helps us to provide you with ads that are relevant to your conduct rather than general advertising.

& nbsp;

we At the same time the object uses cookies and web beacon, possibly through non-personally identifiable information collected by cookies and web beacon, after statistical processing provided to advertisers or other partners, to analyze how users use our service, and for advertising service.

may have advertisers on our products and services or other partner placement of cookies and web beacon. these cookies and web beacon may collect non-personally identifiable information about you in order to analyze how users use these services, you send your May be interested in advertising or for assessing the effect of advertising services. These third-party cookies and web beacon to collect and use such information, are not subject to the "Privacy Policy" constraint, but by the privacy policy related to our users, we not a third party cookies or web beacon responsibility. < p class = "c1"> You can set or reject cookies or web beacon management through a browser. Note, however, if the disabling cookies or web beacon, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, and some services may not work properly. At the same time, you will receive the same number of ads, but the ads with your lower correlation will.

& nbsp;

Advertising services

we may use your information to provide more relevant advertising to you with you.

We may also use your information through our service, e-mail or otherwise send marketing information to you, or provide promote our or third parties following goods and services:

& nbsp;

Our goods or services, our affiliates and partners of goods or services, including instant messaging, online media services, interactive entertainment services, social networking services, payment services, Internet search service, location and mapping services, applications and services, data management software and services, online advertising services, Internet banking, and other social media, entertainment, e-commerce, information and communication software or services (collectively, & ldquo; Internet services & rdquo;); < p class = "c1"> third party goods or services, including but not limited to: Internet service, food and dining, sports, music, film, television, live performances and other arts and entertainment, books , magazines and other publications, clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electronics, collectibles, housewares, appliances, home decor and furnishings, pets, cars, hotels, transport and tourism, banking, insurance and other financial service, loyalty points and rewards program, as well as other goods or services we think may be relevant to you.

If you do not want us to use your personal information as the aforementioned advertising purposes, you can provide the relevant ads through our tips, or guidelines provided in a particular service, ask us to stop for the above purpose use of your personal information.

& nbsp;

mail and information we may send to you

we provide a link to your advertising or other means of our service that allows you to access third-party services or websites.

such third parties or other social media services may be operated by the relevant third party or us. Your use of such third-party social media or other services (including any personal information you provide to such third party), subject to that third party's terms of service and privacy policy (rather than this "Privacy Policy") constraints, You need to carefully read its terms. This "Privacy Policy" applies only to information collected by us, does not apply to any services or information provided by third parties using the third-party rule, we use the information provided by you to any third party does not assume any responsibility.

& nbsp;

minors using our services

this game is recommended: any minors to participate in online activities should obtain prior parental or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as & quot; guardian & quot;) consent. This game will protect minors relevant information in accordance with national laws and regulations. < / Span>

We encourage parents or guardians to instruct minors under eighteen years of age to use our services. We recommend that encourage minors to their parents or guardians read the "Privacy Policy", and recommended that minors seek the consent and guidance of parents or guardians before the personal information submitted.

& nbsp;

scope privacy policy

in addition to certain services, all of our services are applicable to this "Privacy policy." These specific services will apply certain personal information protection statement. For specific personal information protection statement certain services will be more specifically how we use your information in these services. The specific personal information protection statement services form part of the "Privacy Policy". As specific service-related personal information protection statement with this "Privacy Policy" There are inconsistencies, the application of the specific personal information protection statement services.

In addition to this "Privacy Policy" as otherwise provided herein, this "Privacy Policy" of words will develop this game with other public words defined terms have the same meaning.

Please note that this "Privacy Policy" does not apply to the following:

Through our services and access to third-party services (including any third party website) information collected;

collected by other companies or advertising agencies in our service Information.

& nbsp;

modify the "Privacy policy"

we may revise the terms of this timely "Privacy policy", the amendments constitute "Privacy policy "a part of. If the change has caused you to reduce in real terms under this "Privacy Policy" of rights, we will prominently prompt on the home page or send an email to you or to otherwise notify you before the amendments take effect. In that case, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the amended this "Privacy Policy".

We encourage you each time you visit this game will see our privacy policy.

Registrar Protocol (Registered service agreement)

" game enabling and Service Agreement "(hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; present Agreement & rdquo ;) the terms provided by you and the game services joint conclusion of this agreement is contractual effect please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the terms of the content, especially the exclusion or limitation of liability (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo;. Disclaimer & rdquo;), for Terms of user rights were restricted (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; restrictions & rdquo;), agreed dispute resolution provisions of the way and jurisdictions, as well as open or use a separate agreement for a service of the above disclaimer, limitations, and dispute resolution and governed by the terms possible. bold bold, color markings or other reasonable means to call attention to, including, but not limited to, the second of this agreement, Articles III, IV, Article VI, IX and other relevant provisions of the terms that you like confirm that you will likely result in a particular case of passive, inconvenience, loss, please confirm that you agree before reading the foregoing provisions of this agreement or use the game again before serving. Both sides Recognize the aforementioned clause was not part of the provisions of Article 40 of the "Contract Law" & ldquo; relieved from its responsibility, adding other responsibilities, to exclude the other major rights & rdquo; the terms and agree to the legality and validity of the terms <. / p>

unless you have read and accept the terms of this agreement, or you have no right to use the game services. If you have comments about this agreement or gaming services or advice, you can contact the customer service department, we will give you the necessary help. You click agree to accept or next, or you sign up, use the game services is deemed that you have read and agree to the signing of this agreement.

If you are under 18, please read this Agreement, accompanied by a legal guardian, with special attention to minors Terms of Use. If you are the legal guardian of a minor, hoping to set kids entertained reasonable time, to cultivate children's healthy gaming habits.


1.1 this agreement: refers to the body of this agreement," service agreement "," rules of the game account, "" privacy policy "rules of the game and its revision. Above, once released, that is an integral part of this Agreement. This agreement also includes the Ministry of Culture in accordance with "Interim Measures online game" (Cultural Department Order No. 49) to develop the "online game services necessary to format the agreement terms."

1.2 Rules of the game: refers to the user code of practice on the game's gaming service providers from time to time issued and amended, player regulations, game announcements, The content presentation and notification.

1.3 game service provider: point to provide you with the game and its services Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as the & ldquo in this Agreement ; company & rdquo ;.

1. Game 4: refers collectively responsible for the operation of the game, including a client computer games, web games, HTML5 games (H5 game), mobile terminals games, video games and other forms of end game; the game may provide, such as software case, the game also includes the software and related documentation.

1.5 game services: point to provide you with the online game-related operational services.

1.6 You: also known as & ldquo; players & rdquo; or & ldquo; users & rdquo ;, refers authorized to use the games and services natural persons.

1.7 game data: refers to the various data recorded in the server you generated in use during the game, including but not limited to the role of data, virtual goods data, behavior logs, data logs, etc. to buy.

Second, the [game account}

2.1 If you need to use and enjoy the game, you need to create a game account as an independent game account, according to the Ministry of culture and the relevant "online game Interim Measures" and "online game services necessary to format the agreement clause" requirements, log on real-name registration system and real-name registration. You are to comply with the revised and published from time to time "service agreement" for the game account application, use and other behavior.

when you make real-name registration, should provide identity information and other relevant information about yourself true, legal, accurate, efficient, and not to others identity real-name registration. Otherwise, the right to terminate service to provide you with the game, and the right to take your game account, including but not limited to warnings, restrict or prohibit the use of all or part of the functions of a game account, game account and delete the game data, delete information, game account ban (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the & ldquo; title & rdquo;) until action canceled (for the convenience of description, sometimes the other treatment measures called & ldquo; punishment & rdquo;), therefore all the consequences of your own risk.

If you do not perform real-name registration, or registration information you provide is incomplete, you may not be able to use the game or in use during the game will be subject to appropriate restrictions.

2.2 You further acknowledge and agree that you may not be able to recharge the game or consumption in tourist mode. And once you uninstall or reinstall the game, or you change phones, computers and other devices such terminal or damage to the equipment, you may have all the game-related data will be cleared in the tourist mode and can not query and recovery. If it causes any of your losses, is at your own risk.

If you are using approved third-party account as a game account to use and enjoy the game, you should abide by the relevant third party account the agreement, rules, and because of issues related to the third-party account generator include, but are not limited to, stolen, you should contact the third party to resolve on their own, depending on the circumstances to provide the appropriate assistance. < / Span>

2.3 You fully understand and agree that: In order to determine or verify their real name registration information you provide is true or valid, you are entitled to real-name registration information provided to a third party provided organize, save and than to other treatment. And will be in accordance with national requirements will be your real name registration information used in anti-fatigue system, that may determine whether you are 18 years of age based on your real-name registration information, real-name identity information submitted to verify whether the norms or real name by , so as to decide whether to restrict the anti-addicted to your game account.

2.4 You fully understand and agree that the right to review identity information provided by the user registration is true, valid, and should be actively take reasonable measures to protect the technology and management of user accounts is safe and effective; user is obliged to keep their account number and password, and correct and safe use of their account number and password. Either entirely above obligations lead to account password is lost, stolen account and other circumstances to users and civil rights of others and causes damage, shall bear legal liability arising therefrom.

If you find fraudulent use or theft of your game account and password, or any other legally authorized to use without your when the case should be immediately notified and informed of the measures to be taken in an efficient manner requested. After you notice, should provide valid personal identification information with your registered identity information consistent, received valid request and verify your identity, we will take the appropriate action based on your requirements or specific circumstances (including, but not limited to suspend the account login and use, etc.), due to take appropriate action based on your request you and other users caused by the loss, at your own risk. If you do not provide valid identification information or personal information you provide valid identification and registration of the identity of inconsistent information, the right to refuse your request, thus causing your loss borne by you. < p class = "c1"> 2.5 You fully understand and agree that, for the efficient use of server resources, if you do not use 3 years game account log in the game, reserves the right to advance notice, the account and game account data and related information at the disposal measures taken to delete.

2.6 You understand and agree that you shall not game account to provide in any way for others to use, including but not limited to, may not transfer , rent, borrow, etc. available to others for commercial use, including but not limited to the broadcast, recording, Doug Leveling and so on. Otherwise, therefore any legal consequences and responsibility by your own risk, and the right to take your game account, including but not limited to warnings, restrict or prohibit the use of all or part of the functions of a game account, game account and delete the game data and other relevant information, the action title until canceled, so all the consequences of your own risk.

III [collection of user information, the use and protection}

3.1 You agree and authorize collect your user information to fulfill the purpose of this agreement, such information includes information that you registered in the real-name registration system, game data under your game account and others you information services in the process of using the game or to provide security-based, user experience optimization and other considerations to be collected, the collection of your user information will follow the provisions of this agreement and the relevant laws.

3. 2 You fully understand and agree that: or a third party can be based on your user information, provide information on the activities of the game to you through a variety of ways SMS, telephone, mail, etc., to promote information and other information.

3.3 You understand and agree that: In order to provide better service to your game, improve the gaming experience can be on your game account in nickname, avatar and related operational information in the game, game information and other information (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; & rdquo ;. such information such specific information include, but are not limited to, your login status, Battle information / status, achievement information, etc.) for use, and display such information to yourself or to other users or friends.

3.4 You are responsible for understanding and related services through the game, receive, or may come into contact with, including but not limited to other users, including any the personal information to be fully respected, you should not to collect, copy, storage, transmission or use other user's personal information in any other way, otherwise, the consequences borne by yourself.

3.5 protect user privacy and information of a basic principle. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the game service user information collection, use and protection related announcement will follow a unified privacy policy.

Fourth, Games services]

4. 1 Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and the relevant laws and regulations, gives you a non-transferable and non-exclusive personal license to use the game services. You can only use the game for non-commercial purposes, including:

(1) to receive, download, install, start, upgrade, login, display, run and / or screenshots game;

(2) to create game characters, settings screen name, review the rules of the game, user profile, the game outcome of the game, open game room, set the game parameters, to purchase in the game, using the game props, game equipment, game currency, etc., using chat, social sharing functions; < p class = "c1"> (3) supports and allows the use of other gaming identify one or more functions.

4.2 game you use the service process must not in any way unauthorized recording, broadcast or distribute game content to others, including but not limited to not use any third-party software for network broadcast, communication and so on. When

4.3 in the case of the game provided in the form of software, you use games and game services shall comply with this agreement fifth provision on software licenses.

4. All other rights under this section 4 of this Agreement and other terms not expressly authorized reservations still written in the exercise of these rights that you have to obtain additional licenses.

4.5 If you breach this agreement, the right to take appropriate measures to deal with, which include but are not limited to: no at any time relevant content deletion notice, and depending on the behavior of the circumstances of the illegal game account imposed include, but are not limited to warnings, restrict or prohibit the use of all or part of the function, the game account banned until cancellation penalties, and announced the results, asking you to compensation for You do breach and to losses caused.

4.6 You understand and agree fully entitled to reasonable judgment on the violation of the relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, the conduct of treatment, take appropriate legal action against any illegal users and saves information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and other relevant departments to report, the user shall bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom alone.

4.7 You fully understand and agree that your violation of this Agreement or the relevant provisions of the terms of service, cause or produced by third parties any claim, demand, or damage, you should bear responsibility for independence; therefore suffered losses, you should together with compensation.

4. 8 You fully understand and agree that: game props, game equipment, game currency and other services is part of the game, you are in this license under this Agreement obtained the right to use it. You buy, use game props, game equipment, game currency, etc. should be subject to this agreement, the game specific requirements of the rules; the same time, the game props, game equipment, game currency, etc. may be limited by a certain expiration date, the period of validity even if you specified is not used, or other force majeure reasons attributable to the outside, upon expiry, automatically expires.

You fully understand and agree to: provide better services to users for the game, the right to any content or forms of the game and other elements to make adjustments, update or optimization (including, but not limited to the role you have purchased or are using, making game art design equipment and other game items, such as setting performance and related value adjustments, update or optimization, etc.). And make such adjustments, update or optimized, you agree that any legal liability will not be held accountable.

4.9 You fully understand and agree that: To protect your game account security, to create a fair, healthy and safe gaming environment, your use of game service, without violation of the relevant laws and regulations, we can understand your random access memory terminal equipment and associated programs and games run simultaneously through technical means. Upon discovery of any unauthorized gaming service related harm normal operation of the program, you can collect all the information related to this and take reasonable steps to combat.

4.10 you fully understand and agree that: In order to ensure you and other users of the gaming experience, have the right to transfer or remove stored on the game server Some of the past game data.

4.11 in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations and this Agreement, to take effective measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors in the use of services in the course of the game, including the possibility of taking technical measures to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate games or game features, game time limit minors, prevent minors addicted to online. as part of the rules of the game, the game will also release the user guide and warning instructions in place, including the introduction of game content, as well as the proper use of methods to prevent harm to the game methods happening all minors under the direction of the user should read carefully and follow the legal guardian of the implementation of these guidelines and instructions; other players should avoid publishing the game in the process of using the service, any detrimental physical and mental health of minors content, and jointly create a healthy gaming environment.

4.12 if you are under 18 years of age, to protect your legal rights, the right to in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies and regulations, the other provisions of this agreement, the game operating strategy or your legal guardian Reasonable demands to take one or more of the following measures:

(1) the information related to your game (including, but not limited to your game account login information, recharge water information, etc.) available to your legal guardian, so that your legal guardian timely or abreast of your game situation;

< span class = "c0"> (2) limit your game account spending limit;

(3) to take technical measures to shield certain these long game or certain features or define your game time or when the game; < p class = "c1"> (4) cancellation or delete information about your game account and game data;

(5) you are required to take legal guardian, or such other reasonable measures can be taken to limit or prohibit the use of your game.

4.13 provide gaming services to users commercial behavior itself, the user has the right to decide whether to make their own determination based on fees (including, but not limited to the purchase of the right to use virtual items within the game and accept other value-added services and other fees) and fees charged accordingly, to obtain the corresponding game service. If you do not pay the corresponding fees according to the corresponding standards, you will not get the corresponding game service.

You acknowledge and agree that: fees or fee changes, adjustment is a normal business practice, because you may not charge changes in project or charges, and adjustments require restitution or compensation.

4.14 in all cases, not be liable for damage caused by force majeure you suffer in the course of using game services. Such force majeure events including, but not limited to, unpredictable command national laws, regulations, policies and national authorities and other governmental actions or other like earthquakes, floods, snowstorms, fires, tsunami, typhoon, strike, war is inevitable and can not be to overcome the event.

< span class = "c0"> 4.15 game may lead to your role in the game because the game software BUG, ​​defects updated version, third-party virus attacks or any other factor, game items, game equipment and game currency and other account data exception occurs. Before the cause of abnormal data has not been identified, have the right to temporarily freeze the game account; if the data to identify abnormal behavior due to non-normal game, the right to recover game account data to its original state before the error occurred (including to third parties recover the transferred data), and without incurring any obligation to you.

4.16 are not authorized by purchase from any third party, to accept gifts or other way to get the game account, game items, game equipment , currency and other game, not the behavior of a third party is responsible for the transaction, and the complaint will not be accepted for any third-party transaction dispute brought.

4.17 you fully understand: there is objective without interoperability between different operating systems, the objective is not the cause, thus may result in your game data and recharge in one operating system can not be successfully transferred to another operating system. Recharge loss and risk of data loss due to the game you switch between different systems cause shall be at your own risk, we do not undertake any responsibility.

4.18 you fully understand: the game could set a mandatory battle area or play, if you do not agree to force the war, please Do not enter the game or play area; you enter will be deemed to consent to the gameplay and accept the consequences.

4. 19 sole discretion, terminate operations game or for any other reason when discontinued operations, the Ministry of Culture will be terminated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant online game operator handling the game discontinued operations related matters, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

V. [Software License]

5.1 using game services may need to download and install the software, you can on the relevant website directly from the acquisition of the software, can also be obtained from authorized third parties. If you get a game from an unauthorized third party or the name of the game the same game, you will be deemed not authorized, can not guarantee that the game can be used normally, and therefore may cause you to lose not responsible.

5.2 may be but are not limited to windows, ios, android different terminal device or operating system developed different software versions, comprising , multiple application versions of windows phone, symbian, blackberry, etc., you should choose to download the appropriate version from the actual installation, download and install the program, you need to follow the prompts to install the correct procedural steps.

5.3 if the game provided as software, gives you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to the individual. You can only for non-commercial purposes on a single terminal devices can download, install, log in using the game.

5. 4 to provide more high-quality, safe services, may recommend that you install additional software when the software is installed, you can choose to install or not to install.

5.5 if you no longer need to use the software or to install a new version, you can uninstall itself. If you would like to help improve our products and services, please inform the reason for removal.

5.6 In order to ensure consistency of security and functionality of gaming services, the right to update the software, or part of the software functional effects of changes or restrictions.

After the new software release 5.7, an older version of the software may not be available. No guarantee that the old version of the software continues to be available and the corresponding customer service, please feel free to check and download the latest version.

six, {user behavior specification]

6.1 You fully understand and agree that you are responsible for all acts under their own game account, including any content that you post, and any consequences arising therefrom.

6. 2 You can use the game in addition to the agreed services outside of this Agreement shall not carry out any act of infringement of intellectual property rights game, or perform other acts detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of third parties or otherwise.

6.3 When you use a game or game service is subject to laws and regulations, shall not use the game or service in illegal activities, including but not limited to, the following:

(a) violating the basic principles of the Constitution determined; < p class = "c1"> (b) harm national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

(c) of leaking state secrets, endanger national security or harm national honor and interests;

(iv) incitement to ethnic hatred , ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity, or infringes upon national customs and habits;

(e) propagating evil cults or superstition; < / span>

(6) spreading rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;

(g) to promote obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence or abetting a crime;

(viii) insulting and slandering others, the legitimate rights and interests against the others;

(ix) contrary to public morality;

(x) legal, administrative regulations and other content prohibited by the State.

6.4 Unless permitted by law or written permission, you may not engage in the following acts:

(1) delete the game copy software and information about copyright;

(2) on the game software reverse engineering, disassembling, reverse compiled or otherwise attempt to discover the source code;

< span class = "c0"> (3) of the game software scanning, probing, testing, to detect, discover, find out which may be present BUG or weakness;

(4) game software process or software running releases any system data terminal memory, software process interaction data client and server, and the software needed for the operation, carried out copy, modify, add, delete, mount or create any derivative works from running, including but not limited to use in the form of plug-in, plug-in or a non-legally authorized third-party tools / service access software and related systems;

(5) modified or forged software running instructions, data, additions, deletions, changes in function or effect to run software, or used in the above the use of software, a method for operating or communication to the public regardless of whether such acts whether for commercial purposes;

(6) by a non-developing authorized third-party software, plug, plug, system, using games and game Service, or create, publish, transmit non-developers, authorized third-party software, plug-ins, plug-in, the system;

(7) the content of the game has intellectual property for use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compilation, publication, publishing, create mirror sites, etc.;

(8) about the game established mirror sites, or by page (network) snapshot, or by setting up servers, etc., to provide the game services identical or similar services for others;

(9) to any part of the game is separated alone, or for other use does not comply with the protocol;

(10) used to modify or conceal the game name, trademark or other intellectual property rights;

(11) other without the express authorization of behavior.

6.5 game you have to use the service in the course of any of the following behavior, depending on the severity entitled, pursuant to this Agreement and related the rules of the game, you make a temporary or permanent ban on login (ie title), delete the game and the game account data, delete the action relevant information, serious cases will be referred to relevant administrative organs shall be given administrative punishment or prosecuted your criminal liability:

(1) in some way or falsely implied internal staff or some kind of special status in an attempt to get improper benefit or affect the interests of other users of behavior;

(10) other widely recognized in the industry misconduct, whether or not that has been explicitly stated in this Agreement or rules of the game.

You acknowledge and agree that due to the plug-in has a hidden or disappeared after running out and so on, have the right data for your game You determine whether abnormal expression and the use of illegal acts such plug.

6.6 You acknowledge and agree that if taken title action on your game account pursuant to this Agreement, during specific titles starting from the You irregularities circumstances may be.

You acknowledge and agree that: (1) During the title, your game account in game virtual currency, game equipment, game currency and other game items probably will not be available; (2) as there is a certain period the previous game virtual currency, game equipment, game currency and other game props, the validity period may expire during title, reopened after your game account, you will You can not use these outdated game virtual currency, game equipment, game currency and other game items. Accordingly, you also agree that the situation is not due to the above section (1) the occurrence (or) (2) and points prescribed and pursue any legal liability.

VII [intellectual property rights]

7. 1 are the intellectual property right of the game. Games (including game the whole game and all of the content involved, components or components) intellectual property and other legitimate rights and interests of all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and all information related to the game content (including text, ) people's Republic of China are subject to laws and regulations and relevant international treaties protecting images, audio, video, graphics, interface design, layout framework, relevant data or electronic documentation, shall enjoy such intellectual property rights and the legitimate rights and interests, but human rights in accordance with the law except for rights under. Without the prior written consent, you may not in any way games (including game the whole game and all of the content involved, components or components) were commercial use.

7.2 Although there are other provisions of this agreement, ownership and use of intellectual property generated in your game service game data owned by, the right to maintain, dispose of the game data. Among them, the shelf life for users to buy virtual game currency to buy records will comply with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Culture "online games Interim Measures." The shelf life of other game data of discretion, but shall prevail as otherwise provided by national laws and regulations.

7.3 game may involve third party intellectual property, and such third party to use such knowledge in this game based on your agreement property have requested, will be an appropriate way to inform you of the requirements, you should abide together.

VIII [to comply with local laws and regulatory]

8. 1 You should comply with relevant local laws and regulations in the process of using a gaming service, and respect local customs and ethics. If you are in violation of local laws, regulations or ethical customs, you should assume responsibility for it independently.

8.2 You should avoid using game services involved in the political and public events, otherwise the right to suspend or terminate your service.

IX [the jurisdiction and the law applicable]

9.1 This agreement is signed for the Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.

9.2 of the Agreement was established, effectiveness, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution, legal jurisdictions mainland People's Republic of China (not including conflict law).

9.3 if you are due to take place this Agreement and any dispute or controversy between, first of all should be settled through friendly consultations; negotiation fails, you agreed to submit the dispute or controversy to this agreement to the jurisdiction of the people's court of competent jurisdiction.

all the provisions of Title 9.4 of this Agreement for convenience only, no real meaning in itself, can not explain the meaning of this agreement as the basis for .

Terms 9.5 Agreement whether partially invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding on the parties.

X. [other]

10.1 right to change the terms of this agreement, if necessary, you can review the latest version of the terms of the agreement of the relevant page in the game. After changing the terms of this agreement, if you continue to use gaming service, deemed the agreement after the change you have accepted.

10.2 According to the State Press and Publication Administration advice about health of the game, to remind you: resist bad game to refuse pirated games; attention to self protection to guard against fooled; moderately games benefit the brain, indulge game beverages.